How We Work

Each site has different requirements.  Some exist on land where the land’s title holders acknowledge and respect the sites and simply wish to manage access. Other sites are in danger of being damaged or captured (having access restricted to private groups) – in these cases we look into ways of raising capital to purchase title to the land upon which the sites are situated.

  1. Full Ownership. When necessary the Grace Mandala will purchase the land, holding ownership of the title to act as a custodian of these sites.  With full ownership The Grace Mandala will be able to invest deeply in the sites and realize a full potential for communicating each sites message to those visiting it.
  2. Leases or rental agreements: The Grace Mandala can negotiate with owners of the land  upon which the sites sit to lease or rent the property for a set period of time. This would allow the Grace Mandala to protect and facilitate access to the site while ensuring the space is protected and valued.
  3. Access agreements: The Grace Mandala will enter into access agreements with the owner of the land, which would allow us and our Members to access the Sacred Site for specific purposes, such as research, conservation, or spiritual activities.
  4. Management agreements: The Grace Mandala will negotiate with the owner of the land to manage the Sacred Site on their behalf. This will give the Grace Mandala more control over the site, but also more responsibility for its maintenance and preservation.

Want to Work Together?

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