Aims & Goals

  1. To protect, conserve and listen to the natural environment of Sacred Sites, including the rocks, plants, water and animals that live there.
  2. To preserve in right relationship the cultural heritage of the communities that hold these sites sacred, including their traditions, stories, and rituals; and not excluding sharing with wisdom keepers and communities from other cultures and traditions globally – recognising that this is a global network, the very voice of the Earth.
  3. To provide education and outreach programs to help people learn about and understand the importance and significance of sacred sites both in and of themselves, and as reflections of the sacred within.
  4. To work with local and visiting communities to ensure that Sacred Sites are managed in a sustainable and respectful way.
  5. To advocate for the protection of Sacred Sites at the local, national, and international level.
  6. To support non-invasive research and scholarship on Sacred Sites and their cultural and ecological significance in helping to enrich the Education System.
  7. To gather and provide resources and support for the maintenance and restoration of Sacred Sites.
  8. To facilitate and support/enable & protect the right to facilitation of spiritual and personal growth through experiences and practices at Sacred Sites.
  9. To generate income through sustainable and culturally appropriate activities, such as ecotourism or retreats, in order to fund the trust’s conservation and preservation efforts. In this we recognise that each Site is unique and has unique capacity and calling, we commit to listen to and work together with the Calling of each Site uniquely.
  10. To collaborate with other organizations and individuals who share a commitment to preserving Sacred Sites.

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