Our Offering


  1. Eco-friendly and sacred architecture: Where we build we will incorporate appropriate, sustainable and environmentally-friendly design principles,  we are committed to preserving the natural environment of Sacred Sites. Any architecture will also be designed to reflect the spiritual and cultural significance of each site, and to prepare and support visiting parties recognising that not all activities in the stages of a visit may be relevant to take place in the Sacred Site itself.
  2. Interpretive displays and educational programs: Interpretive displays, guided tours, and educational programs can be offered at the sites to raise awareness about the significance of Sacred Sites and the work that the Grace Mandala is doing to protect and preserve them.
  3. Retreat and meditation spaces: By offering retreat and meditation spaces at the Sites, the Grace Mandala can provide opportunities for people to connect with the spiritual energy of the site and deepen their personal growth. These spaces can also generate income for the organization through rental fees or by offering retreats and workshops.
  4. Cultural and spiritual events: Cultural and spiritual events such as festivals, ceremonies, and workshops will be hosted at the Sites to showcase the cultural heritage of the communities that hold the sites sacred, and to generate income through ticket sales or participation fees.
  5. Sustainable tourism: We will offer ecotourism opportunities at the sites, as part of our commitment to sustainable and respectful management of sacred sites.
  6. Research and scholarship: We will support research and scholarship on Sacred Sites and their spiritual, cultural and ecological significance, we are committed to education and outreach programs and  to provide opportunities for spiritual,  academic and educational organisations to partner with us
  7. Community engagement: We will work with local and visiting groups and communities to ensure sustainable and respectful management of sacred sites, We are committed to collaboration and community engagement 

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