Vision & Mission

The Grace Mandala is a guardian and facilitator of access to Sacred Sites, hallowed places that pulse with the heartbeat of the earth and sing with the whispers of the ancestors. These sites are a natural network of thresholds to the divine, gateways through which one may pass to find healing, enlightenment, and a deeper connection to the world.

At certain power places 1 day of meditation is equivalent to 1 month – says explorer and Tibetan scholar Dr Ian Baker.

The Grace Mandala is dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing these rare and precious gifts. With reverent hearts and open minds, we work to locate, activate and prepare them for pilgrims and seekers. Acting as guardians o fthese Sacred Sites that call to us, which are said to have frequencies that resonate with the human soul and awaken the spirit, we assist to maintain healthy balance with humanity and within the Voice of the Earth.

We honour the natural and the ancestral wisdom that these sites embody, creating spaces for people to deeply connect with the much needed Medicine that these sacred places offer. We dream of temple, ashram and circle spaces nestled in the fields of these sites, where people may gather to learn, co-create, and practice together in alignment with the divine within. And through ceremonies and events that generate income, we seek to support our work and channel resources back to these Holy Portals.

We trust in the guidance of spirit to bring us to sites that wish to do deep work together, helping humanity to Mature and Awaken through new ways of learning and being, under tutelage of the planetary being – Earth.

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